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  • 96 hours

Service Description

Day 1 - we will leave the city of Huaraz heading north to reach a small village called Cashapampa. Here we will meet the donkey driver with his “burros” (donkeys) to start our way to the beautiful gorge called Quebrada Santa Cruz, well-known by visitors from around the world. After 4 hours of walking we will reach a place to set up the camp for our first night in the area called Laguna Ichiccocha. Day 2 - continuing our walk in the surroundings of the Laguna Quitacocha, we will reach the junction to the Alpamayo peak and follow the path until a certain point to obtain an impressive view of Alpamayo and visit its base camp. After taking some time to take pictures we will continue our walk to the east side, which will take approximately 5 hours. Day 3 - The day's challenge will be the pass of Punta Union with its altitude of 4,750m. From here, we will descend to the Quebrada Huaripampa where a beautiful campsite is waiting for us. Duration of the walk 6 to 7 hours. Day 4 - After descending to the village of Huaripampa, we will pass by the traditional buildings of the Peruvian highlands. As the popular saying goes, "everything that goes down, has to go up," so we will ascend a bit further to reach Vaqueria, where we will meet our vehicle and go back to Huaraz. Duration of the walk is 3 hours.

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