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We understand that finding the right guide for your mountain objectives can be stressful. Our guiding services at Peru Andes Guide is designed to alleviate the stress of planning a trip so that you can focus on enjoying what may be the experience of a lifetime. Let our team help you to plan a seamless trip. Our experienced guides, commitment to safety, and flexible packages will help you to achieve your goals.


Peru Andes Guide is an enterprise created by people specializing in helping people from around the world who love rock climbing, day walks, trekking, and mountain biking and more demanding sports like climbing in the cordillera Blanca, Huayuash-Peru, Volcanoes in Ecuador, Cordillera Real in Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Canadian Rockies.

Emilio Alvarado Fabian started Alvarado Adventure SRL, a family business, in the 1970s to provide logistics support for guided expeditions in the Peruvian mountains. Peter Alvarado Henostroza became a UIAGM/IFMGA International Certificate Guide in 2006. PERU ANDES GUIDE, in partnership with Alvarado Adventure SRL, was created to coordinate expedition services and to offer wider professional guiding and organizational logistics for trips in South America. Peter has guided extensively in Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and the Canadian Rockies where he has led successful private groups and expeditions. Peter's skills have developed to expand with the company's services to ensure safety and internationally recognized professional standards.



Our guides are fully certified and committed to international standards of safety. All our guides have also undergone 80 hours of Wilderness First Responder classes.

Mountain Guide - Our guides have been carefully selected under the most rigorous exams given by UIAGM/IFMGA International association certification.

Trekking Guide - ACMG Hiking Guide, UIAGM associates called mid-mountain guides have received training and their exams take place off-trail in the wilderness to ensure a high level of competency and client care.

Rock and Ice Climbing Guide - UIAGM associates called Rock and Ice Climbing Guides have been training on their role to be specifically rock and ice climbing professionals with high level of competency and client care.

Ski climbing Guide - UIAGM associates called Ski Guides have been training on their role to be specifically ski guiding professionals with high level of competency and client care.


Peter Alvarado Henostroza

UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guide


Jaime Avila


Mountain Guide


William Alvarado Henostroza

UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guide

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