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Bolivia's terrain is one of extremes - from endless desert salt flats to the highest capital city in the world - but travellers willing to put in the work to travel through its vast landscapes are rewarded with spectacular views and memorable experiences. Bolivia is also rich with indigenous heritage and biodiversity, offering an abundance of activities, such as visiting important museums, legendary landmarks, or scaling a mountain at high altitude.



Pequeño Alpamayo (5,360m) is a great objective in Latin America to increase your mountaineering skills. The climb involves some technical sections including crossing a moderate glacier, two pitches of fourth class rock, and steep ice on a knife-edged ridge.



Illimani (6,438m) is the highest mountain in the Cordillera Real of western Bolivia and is an iconic mountain seen from La Paz. This challenging mountaineering objective is suitable for intermediate level climbers.

Feature Trips


Full-Day Hikes

Join us for a scenic day hike that takes you to archaeological ruins or a beautiful laguna. Some options for day hikes include Tiahuanaco or Laguna Titicaca


Multi-Day Treks

Bolivia offers an array of spectacular multi-day treks whether you're interested in getting away to less-traveled routes or interested in exploring parts of the Inca Trail. Some multi-day treks include El Choro, Huayna Potosí trek, Illampu Circuit, or the Cordillera Quimsa Cruz.

Other Options


Customized Mountaineering Trips

Bolivia offers exciting mountaineering options for those who wish to explore other regions of South America. Some options include: Condoriri Mountain (5,600m), Huayna Potosi (6,088m), and Cerro Mururata (5,860m). Let us help you to build a customized itinerary to explore these mountains with your starting base being some of the highest cities in South America.


Customized Climbing Trips

Bolivia offers easy accessibility to big peaks and there are several exciting routes for intermediate climbers looking to build their skills. Some climbing options include Chacaltaya, Aguja Negra, Piramide Blanca, and Illampu.

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