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A cultural giant of the Americas, Mexico is a vast and diverse country steeped in history. While its beach resorts are an ever-popular option among tourists, Mexico offers a range of regions to visit and activities to keep you busy, including its numerous archaeological sites, cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, and mountain ranges. While perhaps not as well-known for its mountaineering as other countries in South America, Mexico in recent years has experienced a growth in interest among tourists for its mountaineering options, including Pico de Orizaba, Iztaccihuatl, and Nevado de Toluca.



Iztaccihuatl (5,286m) or "Sleeping Woman" is the third highest mountain in the country. The 2-day ascent of this mountain requires a good level of fitness proper acclimatization, and an overnight stay at the De los Cien hut.



Nevado de Toluca (4,691m) is Mexico's fourth highest mountain and is accessible from Mexico City. The climb offers stunning views of two large lakes (Laguna de la Luna and Laguna del Sol), which are popular destinations for Mexicans who flock to the mountain to see the lakes. This is a good acclimatization peak for those interested in heading to Iztacchihuatl or Orizaba.

Feature Trips


Full-Day Hikes

Mexico offers an array of impressive hikes for all levels trail blazers. Some options for day hikes include Ajusco Summit Trail, Paricutin Volcano (Michoachan), Cusarare Falls Trail (Copper Canyon), Xinantecatl Volcano (Nevado de Toluca), Cerro San Miguel Trail, and Copete del Aguila Loop Trail (Chipinque). We can also help to arrange day trips to local archaeological ruins.


Multi-Day Treks

If you're looking for a longer adventure to get yourself really immersed in Mexico's natural landscape, let us help you to build a multi-day trekking itinerary. Some options for multi-day treks include Nevado de Colima, Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve, and Mount Tlaloc.

Other Options


Customized Mountaineering Trips

If you're looking for a high altitude mountaineering adventure, give El Pico de Orizaba (5,636m) a try! This is an excellent opportunity to develop the skills and experience necessary to tackle more challenging high altitude objectives in other corners of the world.


Customized Climbing Trips

If climbing is your primary objective during your stay in Mexico, join us for a trip to Potrero Chico Rock Climbing. El Potrero Chico (the "little corral") is a sport-climbing paradise, with limestone routes up to 20 pitches in length.

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