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QUILOTOA LOOP (Multi-Day Trek)

  • 72 hours

Service Description

This loop links several high Andean villages and towns with the city of Latacunga. It is a fantastic objective which follows a remote, bumpy mountainous road, offering a chance to get off the Pan American highway and learn more about remote people and cultures of the central Andes of Ecuador. Day 1 - Starting at your hotel in Quito, drive to the location (Sigchos 2,850m). Heading south toward Quilotoa, our day will end in Isinlivi when we reach the hostel. Day 2 - The day starts with a nice view of farming areas and locals engaged in their daily routine. Chugchilan is our final destiny of the day. Day 3 - Fantastic landscapes along our route with more to see of the local culture and traditions of Ecuador. We will arrive at the end of our trek by merging into the busy village and popular tourist destination of Quilotoa. But before that we will enjoy the beautiful crater laguna with its 3km wide caldera which was formed by the collapse of this dacite volcano following a catastrophic VEI-6 eruption about 800 years ago.

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