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ILLINIZAS (Sur & Norte)

  • 96 hours

Service Description

The Illinizas are a pair of volcanic mountains that are located in the north of Latacunga in Ecuador's Andes. They are located in the Illinizas Ecological Reserve. These twin mountains are perfect for an introduction into mountaineering. The peaks are among the highest in Ecuador. Day 1 - We meet at your hotel in Quito and transfer with a private car to the starting point to hike to base camp between South and North Ilinizas. Animals will help with the transportation of our equipment so you do not have to carry large things. We will also have a basic overview of mountaineering in the afternoon and will camp overnight. Day 2 - We will climb to the north summit at 5,126 meters, which offers an excellent acclimatization and ascent of a large rock face. The north summit offers have an impressive view of the Avenue of the Volcanoes. Day 3 - Our day will start earlier at 3:00am to follow the corridor to the South peak. Once at the bottom of the ice and snow ramp we will prepare to multi-peach this side, which will take us to its summit at 5,245 meters. We will remain another night at the camp. Day 4 - We descend off the mountain and meet with our vehicle which will take us to enjoy a warm bed and hot shower in Quito.

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