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  • 99 hours

Service Description

Day 1 - We meet at 6:00am at your hotel in Huaraz, load all the equipment in the vehicle, and head out towards Huascaran Moraine Camp (4,700m). Near the last section of the day, the trail we will be traversing is on the steepest part. We will be supported with porters who will take mostly the group gear and food for the trip. Day 2 - We take down our camp and pack to continue uphill through the moraine. After a couple of hours between the boulders we will get onto the glacier toe where it will be time to rope and gear up to prepare for glacier travel and eventually reach Camp 1 (5,300m). Day 3 - The day starts with all our glacier gear on and ready to head up for our second day on the glacier. There will be some challenges to go over and a few avalanche hazards on our way, as well as "traga hombres", the name for the huge ice cracks with endless walls dropping down into the snow. At 6,000 meters we set up our high camp on Huascaran and enjoy the evening. Day 4 - Summit day to reach 6,768 meters involves an early start. Once the clock changes to 12:00am we must be ready to have some hot drinks and coffee (for those who are coffee lovers) and have a light breakfast (if you can have it). Navigation goes through wide open glacier on the north-south col of Huascaran, reaching some slopes that rise up to 60 degrees. We will look for the best way to navigate the crevasses and snow bridges to get higher and follow an endless 30 degree line to the top of the highest topical mountain in the world, Huascaran sur. We will return to high camp to spend the night. Day 5 - After an early morning breakfast, we will clean the camp and start our descent to the moraine camp. This may involve a few rappelles. We will spend the afternoon at the moraine camp. Day 6 - We will follow the trail back to meet our vehicle and return to Huaraz where we will have a dinner celebration. Day 7 - This is a built-in contingency day for weather or extra day needed on high camp.

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