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  • 8 hr

Service Description

Day hikes are typically 6-8 hours in duration and are a great option to get acclimatized, if you are pressed for time, or if you simply want to enjoy the spectacular trails that Peru has to offer. Pick-up and drop-off for all day hikes are in Huaraz. At the time of booking, please let us know which of the following day-hikes you are interested in. 1. Churup Lake - At 4,500 meters we will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of Churup Lake that sits at the bottom of the mountain with the same name. What distinguishes this lake from others is its stunning turquoise color. 2. Laguna 69 - A popular destination among tourists in the region, Laguna 69 is visited mainly by hiking and mountaineering enthusiasts and offers simple access and spectacular scenery. The hiking route starts at the Cebollapampa campground and runs along the brook that runs down from the same lake, and on its way has several waterfalls and cataracts formations. 3. Aguac Lake - Close to Huaraz city, Aguac Lake can be reached after a short drive to Wilcahuain town. Here, our journey starts to the amazing lookout of Huaraz city and surroundings. The path follows a steep slope with traditional remnants and is covered with Andean grass and vegetation. Lake Aguac sits at 4,650 meters below a snow capped peak called Vallunaraju in the cordillera Blanca. 4. Puca Ventana - Puca ventana means "red colored window" and is located southeast of Huaraz city. The hike will start right at the door of your hotel. As we get higher, the vista will widen and give us a fascinating look into the cordillera Blanca range and the Callejon de Huaylas valley.

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