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  • 99 hr

Service Description

Day 1 - (Huaraz 3,100m – Llamac – Cuartelwain 4,170m). Make our way to the villages of Chiquian, Llamac, and Pocpa, finally reaching Cuartelwain. Day 2 - (Cuartelwain – Qaqanan pass 4,685m – Mitucocha 4,150m). We move towards Mitucocha Lake, near Cuartelwain to find ourselves at Qaqananpunta pass where we can take in the beautiful views of the surroundings. Duration approximately 5-6 hours. Day 3 - (Mitucocha – Carhuac pass 4,600m- Carhuacocha 4,180m). From Mitucocha Lake, we move to the next closest area at Caruacocha Lake. The trail ascends by moderate slopes to reach the day pass, which overlooks a beautiful lagoon. We will sleep at the toe of Yerupaja mountain, which is the second highest in Peru and a technical peak to climb. Duration 5-8 hours. Day 4 - (Carhuacocha – Carnicero pass 4,600m – Huayhuash 4,330m). From Caruacocha Lake, we head up the path to discover the beauty hidden in the Huayhuash Mountains on our way to camp. Typically, at this point, most people take the alternative path which provides a better view of the landscape and has three lakes of different colors that are at the foot of the snowy Yerupajá and Siula peaks. Duration 5-8 hours. Day 5 - (Huayhuash – Carnicero pass 4,630m – Viconga 4,400m). At our camp, everyone is likely to take a well-deserved swim in the hot springs, which is a 15 min walk from our camp side. Day 6 - (Viconga – Cuyoc pass 5,000m – Guanacpatay 4,450m). We will be passing Huayhuash's highest pass on the circuit, traveling through a pass called Punta Cuyoc. Duration 5 to 6 hours. Day 7 - (Guanacpatay – Huatiac 4,300m). We will be visiting a unique village on the mountains called Huayllapa and at this point our elevation will be the lowest of the entire circuit (3,500m). After our visit, we will head up again to reach the camp. Duration 6 to 8 hours. Day 8 - (Huatiac – Diablo Mudo 5,350m – Jahuacocha 4,070m). There is an optional climb to Diablo Mudo peak. We will leave camp around 3am to travel through moderate terrain on the moraine. Day 9 - Rest day and celebration with a pachamanca, a delicious traditional Peruvian dish prepared by our chef and staff. Day 10 - Jahuacocha – Pampa Llamac pass 4,300m Llamac – Huaraz). Starting the day with views of Jahuacocha lake, we will transition from Pampa Llamac down to the village of Llamac, where our vehicle will be waiting to take us back to Huaraz.

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